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Make Search Smarter with Google BERT Update

On Nov 2019 Google released a major update in BERT algorithm. The inclusion of the BERT algorithm, the objective behind user search queries should be better understood, and more relevant results.

All about the BERT Algorithm

Tech giant Google recently updated a major algorithm alteration in BERT algorithm. If there’s one thing that learned about Google Search over the 15 years, it’s that the curiosity of people is endless. Everyday, we see billions of searches, and 15 percent of those queries are those that we haven’t seen before— so we’ve built ways to return results for queries that we can’t expect. Google BERT Algorithm Update is the latest one.

bert 1

When people like you or I come to search, the best way to formulate a query is not always quite certain. We may not know the right words to use, or how to spell it, because we often come to search for learning— we don’t really have the expertise to begin with.

Search is about language understanding at its core. It is our job to find out what you are looking for and to surface useful web-based data, regardless of how you spell or combine the terms in your question.

While over the years we have continued to improve our ability to understand language, sometimes we still don’t get it right, especially with complex or conversational queries. In fact, that’s one of the reasons people often use “keyword-ease,” typing strings of words they think we’re going to understand, but they’re not actually asking a question naturally.

bert update

With our research team’s latest advances in language understanding — made possible by machine learning — we are making a significant improvement in how we understand queries, representing the biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in Search history.

Last year, we introduced and open-sourced a natural language processing (NLP) neural network-based pre-training technique called Transformer Bidirectional Encoder Representations, or as we call it— BERT, for short. This technology allows anyone to train their own state-of – the-art answering system for questions.

This breakthrough was the result of Google’s transformer research: models that process words in a sentence rather than one-by-one in order in relation to all the other words. Therefore, BERT models can consider the full context of a word by looking at the words that come before and after it — especially useful for understanding the purpose behind search queries.

Top 10 Failed Google Products

Worst Google Products that Failed

Google is the world’s largest internet company.  Google permanently shutdown thousands of products & services, so listing as top 10 failed Google products is not an easy job to do.Google releases thousands of products and services that helps customers in many ways.

google apps

Google Search engine, chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google analytics etc. are the top successful Google products. But few products are shut down by Google in recent times due to the less interaction from the users.

Google Reader (2005 – 2013)

Google reader is an RSS feed that is created in 2005. It was a platform that provided news and information to people.
On Mar 13, 2013 Google announced to discontinue Google reader, it stated that the product had a loyal but decline in users.

Google Talk (2005 – 2017)

The first-ever messaging app by Google. Before hangouts, all this was the instant messaging app that was integrated with the email. On Feb 16 2015 Google announced to discontinue Google talk, but the users can use a new app named hangouts as an alternative one.

Inbox by Gmail (2014 – 2019)

Inbox is similar to Gmail but consists of new and advanced features. Inbox was used to improve email productivity and organization with important features. On Apr 2 2019 Google announced to shut down inbox and continued Gmail as the alternative product for inbox.

iGoogle (2005 – 2013)

iGoogle is a web gadget tool that can be used on a desktop to add widgets like sidebar, countdown timer, youtube channel, personal list, eBay gadget, etc. On Nov 1 2013 Google announced to shut down iGoogle. The company told that it had eroded over time and widgets went to be permanently shut down.

Google Desktop (2004 – 2011)

Google desktop is a remote accessing, desktop sharing tool .by accessing Google desktop we can access other users’ desktop and troubleshoot or access files and programs. On sep 201 Google announce to discontinue this product so that they can focus on cloud storage.

Google Labs (2006 – 2011)

Google labs is a code lab that helped developers. It provided tutorials, guidance for those who interest in programming languages. In July 2011 Google announced to discontinue this product. They announce that all of the contents will be available through android apps

Orkut (2004 – 2014)

Orkut is the first-ever social networking website that communicates all over the world. Orkut was later owned and operated by Google. On June 30 2014 Google announced to discontinue Orkut. Facebook was the main reason that leads to the shutdown.

Picasa (2002 – 2016)

Picasa is a digital image tool that is used for editing purposes. It was used in desktop and web applications. On May 1, 2016, Picasa shut down all services.

Google Video (2005 – 2012)


Google video is similar to You tube that is used for streaming online videos. An online video platform that was used for hosting videos. On Aug. 20 2012 Google announced to shutdown Google videos so as to acquire You tube.

Google Plus (2011 – 2019)


Google plus is a social networking tool that is similar to Facebook. It was a social platform for messaging and communication. On Apr 2 2019 Google announced to discontinue Google plus. So many flaws in design and user interaction is the main reason to discontinue Google plus.

Facts About Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra

On June 2019 Facebook declared Libra as their  new virtual money tool for future transactions.Libra is a cryptocurrency or blockchain that is used for digital currency that can be used for buying things in the internet , like bitcoin/etherium/ripple etc.

facebook cryptocurrency

Facebook digital cryptocurrency Libra is the next technology that can move the world. In facebooks vision, it will become as an easily available global currency that is accessible to the all parts of the world. So libra will be a global currency that can be used for making trade for developing countries  especially those who cannot access banks from remote locations.

Libra is technically supported by a bunch of  hotshots  from the silicon valley.  It is governed by libra association a swiss group which includes 28 members aboard. Facebook subsidiary calibra, payu, vodafone,Master card, Uber, visa, pay pal, spotify are the few one.

Calibra is a new digital wallet from facebook that is going to launch in 2020, which will be installed in messenger,whats app and stand alone apps. The Libra is going through its experimental phases. The official  launch is planned to be in 2022.

According to David Marcus, a previous PayPal official who is driving Project Libra for Facebook, one of the activity’s principle objectives is to contact the 1.7 billion individuals overall who need access to the financial framework.

Libra will become as a global currency for digital transactions in the future, like one world one currency. Is this safe? This is the main concern for the public in terms of digital transactions. The company said it will implement technologies to prevent money laundering and fraud.“We will be using all the same verification and anti-fraud processes that banks and credit cards use, and we’ll have automated systems that will proactively monitor activity to protect and prevent fraudulent behavior,” Facebook said.

It also claims it will have “live support” to help users who lose access to accounts and, if a user loses money through fraud, Facebook has offered refunds.Facebook’s Libra Block chain will be built on open source code that allows the developer and research community to monitor it for design and security flaws, and the company will implement a “bug bounty” program to incentive security experts to point out vulnerabilities in the wait for a global change in 2022 that can change a billion peoples life.

Why Technology Is Important In Our Daily Life?

We have the technology available to us to enable the management of our daily lives and the sharing of valuable information with our friends, families and others. Why technology is important in our daily life. It is an essential tool that we cannot avoid, it plays an important part in the majority of our lives Technology essentially harnesses the tools, technologies and strategies used to help us solve problems and simply make our lives better and easier to live in some way.

technology in daily life

Technology is inevitable in our everyday lives. This is because life without technology is pointless in today’s dynamic world. Technology, which brings together tools to promote development, use and information exchange, has as its main objective of making tasks easier and the solving of many problems of mankind. When technology progresses and makes our lives even more convenient, we must stress how beneficial it is to our lives.

Imagine life without technology Right now, what kind of life have we? Technology is part of our lives and is one of the key elements for mankind’s survival in a quick-phase world. The development of new technologies helps to save lives; it improves work and makes the world better.

technology in daily life

In reality, technology has played a very important role in how we live in the world today and how we communicate in the atmosphere with everything around us. Impact of technology is higher than that we expected. So we are developing new innovations to live in a better and standardized life.

Some such technology helps some emerging countries to have a stronger infrastructure in place that also means better transportation, better schools, hospitals and other municipal services, and access to health care. Small and small businesses

Impact of Technology

As a result of technological advances, they are increasing and spreading across countries. It is innovation that gives the power to spread their wings to organizations. The positive impact of technology on society has brought change and helped us to reach new heights that have never before been conceived of.

Nobody else has changed technology’s way of life, and that is precisely why technology is and will always be so important today. so Technology is important in our daily life in many ways that we cannot ignore purposefully.


By just looking around us, we can see how deeply we are being influenced by technology. A day without technology would be an all-day sleeping situation, or you would be doing some kind of yoga or meditation. If you wake up, you would be surrounded by different kinds of technologies; Notifications from the phone, the light you turned on, and the vehicle you drive, the music you listen to. By asking your parents or grandparents about how they lived in their time, the improvement in technology can be easily understood. They would probably say that the world was difficult comparing with the current time. Technology reduces our effort on almost everything. But how does it help business? Let’s know about the impact of technology on business.


how technology helps business to grow
  • Communication

The very basic thing a business could grow is to ensure customer satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied with the product or services one company is providing, probably the business will go down, resulting in a loss.

How technology can improve the pleasure of the customers?

The answer is simple, by communicating with the customer. If the company could directly contact with the customer, the company will be able to know the satisfaction of a customer.

But how can a company with huge sales volume contact every customer? Here technology plays an important role.

Now with the technology we have, we could easily order a product online from our home or office, satisfaction level increases.

The product has been delivered at the right time, the satisfaction level is going up.

The company asking is it the right product so that the company can cancel the order and refund you, the impression increases.

The product is of quality and as expected, satisfaction at its peak.

Rather than going to shop each time for the process, now everyone can communicate about the product or services from wherever they are comfort.

Impact of technology in business
  • Widening the market

Businesses grow as the market gets bigger.

By using conventional business methods, the market range would be so small. The technology helps to reach even small businesses up to the international market from the local market.

By using digital marketing techniques such as web banners and ads a small business can grow and find other markets.

The best method for small businesses to reach out to the worldwide market is through retail websites, where the products can be delivered by ordering them through the websites.

There’s no sleeping time for websites. This means the product or services can be accessed through the websites any time anywhere.

impact of technology in business
  • Cost reduction

Technology has an important part in reducing the total cost of production.

By sharing the website of businesses through social media and links, it is easy to reach out to a mass market; which is a less costly method than conventional marketing strategies.

The first stage of running a business is to make awareness among the customers about it.

The biggest market in the world is social media itself. Therefore by just sharing the information about the business will helps thousands to know about your product or services. Which in time and process slowly moves to consideration and conversion.

The data handling is the other major cost consuming area. The conventional way of handling data requires a lot of cost and time.

Now the data can be stored in storage devices with the help of technology. These data can be easily tracked or modify or retrieve any information just by a click, and from anywhere in the world.

Impact of technology in business ensures both the company and customers their pleasure of doing business.


Technology trends are rapidly changing according to the needs of people. It is actually the collection of techniques or methods that helps in the production of services or goods or else in scientific innovations. The use and development of basic tools can be considered as the simplest form of technology. Technology can be applied to machines and it takes an input according to the systems use which give rise to technological systems.There are many latest technology trends in 2022 that creates a motion and can even change the technological face of future.

Top Technological Trends

The technology is being developing day by day and thus the trends  becomes outdated and changes are happening in a rapid pace.Thus it is essential to be updated with the current technology trends.Here are the topmost technological trends for the year 2022 which includes :-

1.Artificial Intelligence

It is a powerful technology that can even determine the strategies of upcoming future. Here the machines, especially computer systems process with human intelligence including self-correction, learning, reasoning etc. They also perform tasks like image recognition, decision making, most accurate and faster than humans.

Artificial intelligence is one part of automation where human assistance is minimum.

latest technology trends in 2022

It can be categorized into two:-

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI

Weak AI or Narrow AI is designed for performance of particular task. Virtual personal assistants like Apple Siri can be considered as Narrow AI.

Strong AI otherwise called artificial general intelligence which finds a solution for unfamiliar task without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence can be considered as a technology trend in business as AI tools present new functionality for business.


  • Reactive Machines
  • Theory of mind
  • Limited memory
  • Self-awareness

Reactive machines do not store ‘memories’ and cannot use past experiences for the determination of future actions. Instead they perceive and analyses possible moves as its own. Deep Blue is an example for reactive machines.

In theory of mind, computers are built that perceive to human intelligence. This AI does not even exist yet.

Limited memory technology has been used by self-driving cars. Here past experiences can be used for future decisions. But the observations are stored temporarily and for a short period of time.

In self-awareness, AI system has a sense of consciousness. Self-aware machines are believed to be the ultimate goal of AI development. This type AI also does not exist yet.

There are different applications of artificial intelligence which includes AI in business, AI in health, AI in finance, AI in manufacturing, AI in education etc.

2.Machine learning

Machine learning is an example of artificial intelligence where computers are programmed to learn that are not sequenced or programmed, by discovering patterns and insights from data. Here the system has to learn automatically from experience.

latest technology trends in 2022

There are different methods for machine learning. They includes:-

  • Supervised machine learning algorithms that are able to provide targets for new input to make predictions about output values. This apply what has been learned in the past, to new data.
  • Unsupervised machine learning algorithm which is used when the information are not classified. Here, the system explores the data instead of figuring out the right output
  • Semi supervised algorithms that use both labelled and unlabeled data and are able to improve learning accuracy.
  • Reinforcement machine learning algorithm interacts with the environment where delayed rewards and trial and error search is the relevant characters.

Machine learning creates a huge   demand for skilled professionals and its applications  are used for pattern recognition, data analytics etc.   This can be believed to be a golden stone in the field of computer science.

 3.Block Chain

Block Chain is actually the data we can add to but cannot change or take away. They are list of records linked using cryptography and plays a significant role in protecting information such as personal medical data. It can be used to improve the global supply chain and is highly useful.

According to Accenture, an application of theory suggests that block chains attained 13.5% adoption rate in the year 2022. Block chain is also helpful for the protection of art and real estate. The demand for block chain technology has been increasing thus increasing the demand of skilled professionals for different job opportunities.

4.Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation is the use of software for automating business operations and for handling repeatable tasks like queries, transactions, maintenance etc with AI and Machine learning capabilities with the help of robots.

There are many RPA tools that shows technical similarities with graphical user interface testing tools.

latest technology trends in 2022

RPA tools include Blue Prism, Ui Path, Work fusion etc and these tools have functional and structural similarity with each other. RPA have many applications in the field of accounting, healthcare, financial services, supply chain management etc. Thus it can be considered to be a trend in software as well as in business.

5.Edge Computing

Edge Computing is a distributed computing paradigm which is the processing of data at the edge of the network instead of centralized data processing. They enables mobile computing and internet of things (IoT).

Here, the device itself processes the data and increases the network performance by reducing latency. Edge computing technology does not have lag time and thus respond to data instantaneously.

It is also used for processing time-sensitive data from remote locations to centralized location acting like mini data centers. Thus Edge computing is one among the top technological trend which is applicable for self-driving cars as well as for starting a business.

6.Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality is the creation of an environment that can be similar or different from the real world, using computer technology. Here, the users are immersed into the environment and allows to interact with the 3D world.

Here the vision is being simulated and creates a 3D environment, eliminating the interactions with the real world.

top latest technology trends in 2022

Augmented reality enhances users environment. Here, a computer generated image is superimposed on users view of real world. They works on recognition algorithms to augment sound, graphics etc. This technology is used in GPS systems. Pokemon Go is an example for AR.

Both virtual and augmented reality have an important role in marketing, education, entertainment etc and thus is an important trend in 2022 that should be known.

7.Cyber Security

Cyber security is the technology designed to protect networks, programs etc from attacks and damages. It protects the usability, integrity and safety of the network. It is very important for the protection of our network from hackers, viruses etc.

There are five main types of cyber security that includes critical infrastructure security, network security, cloud security, application security, Internet of things security etc.

  • Critical infrastructure security consist of cyber-physical systems having infrastructure of electricity grid on networks
  • Network security protects the internal networks by inhibiting access to it.
  • Cloud security protects and monitors data in our cloud resources securing users data.
  • Application security tackles external threats using software and hardware methods and ensure the prevention of unauthorized access.

8.Internet of things (IoT)

latest technology trends in 2022

Internet of things (IoT) refers to critical and non-critical cyber-physical systems or a technology for connecting things or devices via internet. IoT enables the connection of home appliances, cars etc over the internet.

The implementation of IoT devices makes digital transformations. IoT has many startup ideas in 2022 for business and have many applications in the field of education, agriculture, logistics etc.

These are the 8 top latest technological trends in 2022 that we have to know, which can makeover the face of future.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real World

Applications of artificial intelligence in real world are increasing every day. It is because we are living in a technology world and this artificial intelligence is a powerful technology as of now and for the future.

Before we start about the applications, I will tell you about what is Artificial Intelligence.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in real world

Artificial Intelligence is the process of technology in which computers made act like humans. In this process, all the computer machines process with the intelligence of humans.

Tech giants have says that, AI is the future. Actually it is the branch of computer science and its main aim is to develop machines with higher intelligence.

AI can be classified into two

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI

Weak AI is developed to perform a particular task. It is also called as narrow AI.

Eg : Apple Siri

Strong AI is developed to perform unfamiliar tasks without human intervention and finds the best solution. It is also called as artificial general intelligence.

So there is difference between Strong AI and Weak AI

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Applications of artificial intelligence are enhancing in our day today life. Here I am listing some of the important applications of AI.

  • Data Security
data security

In this digital world, cyber attacks are increasing and cyber security professionals are giving more importance to cyber threats.

By using AI bots and other methods, it is possible to prevent security issues arise.

  • Healthcare
artificial intelligence in real world

In healthcare industry, AI can play a vital role to generate large amount of data to train than a human analyst.

Also it can be used for determining diseases, treatments, body conditions etc.

  • Manufacturing
ai in manufacturing

AI can be used to find the microscopic defects occurred in objects.

Robots can be enabled by AI to receive instructions from humans and work accordingly with high productivity.

  • Entertainment
ai in entertainment

As we see Netflix, Amazon, Siri, Gmail they all are using AI to improve user experience and sales.

Amazon can suggest different products according with user behavior.

Netflix knows your likes and dislikes. It has all the records about your likes and so that It can easily suggest more movies, documentaries etc ..

  • Finance
ai in finance

Many finance companies are implementing AI technology to enhance their business growth.

Some companies are using AI algorithm to conduct trading autonomously.

Chat bots are also using in sectors for interacting with customer queries and providing proper information.

So AI is used in many fields to enhance productivity, customer experience, sales, flexibility, reduce time etc.

There are many AI applications in business and in 2022 it is expecting that more and more businesses will implement AI algorithms.

More and more startups are coming with the idea of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning etc.

So it is cleared that, Technology will rule the future and the way we live will change.

Thus by implementing AI, many of our day to day life problems can be solved. So startups should adopt AI to solve people problems. It also helps to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our state.

Internet of Things Startup Ideas in 2022

Internet of Things (IOT) is a new technology emerged in this tech world. IOT has wide range of applications and it is boosting the digital-tech world apparently. It is possible to build many innovative startup ideas by implementing IOT in their business. The year 2022 is the year of new innovations and new ideas and it is predicted that IOT can play a vital role with the innovations. So now we can learn what IOT is and what are the different Internet of Things startup ideas in 2022.

What is Internet of Things (IOT) ?

what is internet of things

Internet of things (IOT) is a technology which is used to connect the things or devices via internet for collecting and sharing data.

By implementing IOT devices, more and more digital transformations will takes places which are good for people who have digitized devices. So it is possible to connect things and people in a giant network which is good for data sharing and controlling.

Working of IOT is based on an IOT platform which is connected from the sensors of devices and objects. This IOT platform is used to collects data from all the devices which connect and shares with others for a specific purpose.

The main advantage of IOT is that It can self manipulate which of the information are valid and which of them can be ignored before sharing.

Internet of Things Startup ideas in 2022

internet of things startup ideas 2022

Business opportunities with innovation using IOT have a huge demand and to solve many problems facing by the world.

So whenever you choose to implement IOT with your idea, you have to think how this technology can bring a valid solution to a problem. So here are some of the ideas you can implement using IOT.

  • Health sectorIOT in health sector

Quality of life is important to live. So by integrating IOT into health industry, we can expect a quality living of life with less health issues. Also it is possible to improve diagnosis, treatments, maintenance of equipment etc..

For example, if you can connect IOT with ECG device (used to read status of our heart), then it is possible to collect the information of a patient and share to other healthcare centers.

  • Agriculture
IOT in agriculture

We can improve agriculture by implementing IOT technology. Since by using this technology, farmers can receive and share data to improve their agribusinesses.

For example, there are aquatic animals farming and aquatic plants farming in agri-industry.

Both these animals and plants are depends to each other like animals needs oxygen from plants and plants need minerals from animal’s waste.

So if you can apply IOT, farmers can easily check the quality of water, health status of animals and plants etc..

  • Education
IOT in education

Our teaching and learning process become more efficient if we apply IOT to education sector.

Now a days, many universities and colleges introduced high-tech facilities to their students.

Likewise, teachers can easily track each student’s abilities and difficulties in each subject if we implement an IOT application for this.

  • Retail
  • IOT in retail

By using an IOT application, retailers can easily monitor their customer’s behavior, their needs, shopping habits, preferences etc..

Thus they can maintain a better user experience which boosts up their sales.

  • Logistics
IOT in logistics

By applying IOT apps to logistic sectors then it is possible to track inventory, locations and other monitoring factors. From the consumer side, IOT delivers many benefits to consumers like Transparency, Efficiency and ease , Rewards etc .

So I think now you have got a quick idea about what is Internet of Things and understand important Internet of things startup ideas in 2019.

An entrepreneurship life with applying technology is essential today to change this world for better.

Can I know which of the above sector you think IOT can play a vital role ?

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