By just looking around us, we can see how deeply we are being influenced by technology. A day without technology would be an all-day sleeping situation, or you would be doing some kind of yoga or meditation. If you wake up, you would be surrounded by different kinds of technologies; Notifications from the phone, the light you turned on, and the vehicle you drive, the music you listen to. By asking your parents or grandparents about how they lived in their time, the improvement in technology can be easily understood. They would probably say that the world was difficult comparing with the current time. Technology reduces our effort on almost everything. But how does it help business? Let’s know about the impact of technology on business.


how technology helps business to grow
  • Communication

The very basic thing a business could grow is to ensure customer satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied with the product or services one company is providing, probably the business will go down, resulting in a loss.

How technology can improve the pleasure of the customers?

The answer is simple, by communicating with the customer. If the company could directly contact with the customer, the company will be able to know the satisfaction of a customer.

But how can a company with huge sales volume contact every customer? Here technology plays an important role.

Now with the technology we have, we could easily order a product online from our home or office, satisfaction level increases.

The product has been delivered at the right time, the satisfaction level is going up.

The company asking is it the right product so that the company can cancel the order and refund you, the impression increases.

The product is of quality and as expected, satisfaction at its peak.

Rather than going to shop each time for the process, now everyone can communicate about the product or services from wherever they are comfort.

Impact of technology in business
  • Widening the market

Businesses grow as the market gets bigger.

By using conventional business methods, the market range would be so small. The technology helps to reach even small businesses up to the international market from the local market.

By using digital marketing techniques such as web banners and ads a small business can grow and find other markets.

The best method for small businesses to reach out to the worldwide market is through retail websites, where the products can be delivered by ordering them through the websites.

There’s no sleeping time for websites. This means the product or services can be accessed through the websites any time anywhere.

impact of technology in business
  • Cost reduction

Technology has an important part in reducing the total cost of production.

By sharing the website of businesses through social media and links, it is easy to reach out to a mass market; which is a less costly method than conventional marketing strategies.

The first stage of running a business is to make awareness among the customers about it.

The biggest market in the world is social media itself. Therefore by just sharing the information about the business will helps thousands to know about your product or services. Which in time and process slowly moves to consideration and conversion.

The data handling is the other major cost consuming area. The conventional way of handling data requires a lot of cost and time.

Now the data can be stored in storage devices with the help of technology. These data can be easily tracked or modify or retrieve any information just by a click, and from anywhere in the world.

Impact of technology in business ensures both the company and customers their pleasure of doing business.


Technology trends are rapidly changing according to the needs of people. It is actually the collection of techniques or methods that helps in the production of services or goods or else in scientific innovations. The use and development of basic tools can be considered as the simplest form of technology. Technology can be applied to machines and it takes an input according to the systems use which give rise to technological systems.There are many latest technology trends in 2022 that creates a motion and can even change the technological face of future.

Top Technological Trends

The technology is being developing day by day and thus the trends  becomes outdated and changes are happening in a rapid pace.Thus it is essential to be updated with the current technology trends.Here are the topmost technological trends for the year 2022 which includes :-

1.Artificial Intelligence

It is a powerful technology that can even determine the strategies of upcoming future. Here the machines, especially computer systems process with human intelligence including self-correction, learning, reasoning etc. They also perform tasks like image recognition, decision making, most accurate and faster than humans.

Artificial intelligence is one part of automation where human assistance is minimum.

latest technology trends in 2022

It can be categorized into two:-

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI

Weak AI or Narrow AI is designed for performance of particular task. Virtual personal assistants like Apple Siri can be considered as Narrow AI.

Strong AI otherwise called artificial general intelligence which finds a solution for unfamiliar task without human intervention.

Artificial intelligence can be considered as a technology trend in business as AI tools present new functionality for business.


  • Reactive Machines
  • Theory of mind
  • Limited memory
  • Self-awareness

Reactive machines do not store ‘memories’ and cannot use past experiences for the determination of future actions. Instead they perceive and analyses possible moves as its own. Deep Blue is an example for reactive machines.

In theory of mind, computers are built that perceive to human intelligence. This AI does not even exist yet.

Limited memory technology has been used by self-driving cars. Here past experiences can be used for future decisions. But the observations are stored temporarily and for a short period of time.

In self-awareness, AI system has a sense of consciousness. Self-aware machines are believed to be the ultimate goal of AI development. This type AI also does not exist yet.

There are different applications of artificial intelligence which includes AI in business, AI in health, AI in finance, AI in manufacturing, AI in education etc.

2.Machine learning

Machine learning is an example of artificial intelligence where computers are programmed to learn that are not sequenced or programmed, by discovering patterns and insights from data. Here the system has to learn automatically from experience.

latest technology trends in 2022

There are different methods for machine learning. They includes:-

  • Supervised machine learning algorithms that are able to provide targets for new input to make predictions about output values. This apply what has been learned in the past, to new data.
  • Unsupervised machine learning algorithm which is used when the information are not classified. Here, the system explores the data instead of figuring out the right output
  • Semi supervised algorithms that use both labelled and unlabeled data and are able to improve learning accuracy.
  • Reinforcement machine learning algorithm interacts with the environment where delayed rewards and trial and error search is the relevant characters.

Machine learning creates a huge   demand for skilled professionals and its applications  are used for pattern recognition, data analytics etc.   This can be believed to be a golden stone in the field of computer science.

 3.Block Chain

Block Chain is actually the data we can add to but cannot change or take away. They are list of records linked using cryptography and plays a significant role in protecting information such as personal medical data. It can be used to improve the global supply chain and is highly useful.

According to Accenture, an application of theory suggests that block chains attained 13.5% adoption rate in the year 2022. Block chain is also helpful for the protection of art and real estate. The demand for block chain technology has been increasing thus increasing the demand of skilled professionals for different job opportunities.

4.Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation is the use of software for automating business operations and for handling repeatable tasks like queries, transactions, maintenance etc with AI and Machine learning capabilities with the help of robots.

There are many RPA tools that shows technical similarities with graphical user interface testing tools.

latest technology trends in 2022

RPA tools include Blue Prism, Ui Path, Work fusion etc and these tools have functional and structural similarity with each other. RPA have many applications in the field of accounting, healthcare, financial services, supply chain management etc. Thus it can be considered to be a trend in software as well as in business.

5.Edge Computing

Edge Computing is a distributed computing paradigm which is the processing of data at the edge of the network instead of centralized data processing. They enables mobile computing and internet of things (IoT).

Here, the device itself processes the data and increases the network performance by reducing latency. Edge computing technology does not have lag time and thus respond to data instantaneously.

It is also used for processing time-sensitive data from remote locations to centralized location acting like mini data centers. Thus Edge computing is one among the top technological trend which is applicable for self-driving cars as well as for starting a business.

6.Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality is the creation of an environment that can be similar or different from the real world, using computer technology. Here, the users are immersed into the environment and allows to interact with the 3D world.

Here the vision is being simulated and creates a 3D environment, eliminating the interactions with the real world.

top latest technology trends in 2022

Augmented reality enhances users environment. Here, a computer generated image is superimposed on users view of real world. They works on recognition algorithms to augment sound, graphics etc. This technology is used in GPS systems. Pokemon Go is an example for AR.

Both virtual and augmented reality have an important role in marketing, education, entertainment etc and thus is an important trend in 2022 that should be known.

7.Cyber Security

Cyber security is the technology designed to protect networks, programs etc from attacks and damages. It protects the usability, integrity and safety of the network. It is very important for the protection of our network from hackers, viruses etc.

There are five main types of cyber security that includes critical infrastructure security, network security, cloud security, application security, Internet of things security etc.

  • Critical infrastructure security consist of cyber-physical systems having infrastructure of electricity grid on networks
  • Network security protects the internal networks by inhibiting access to it.
  • Cloud security protects and monitors data in our cloud resources securing users data.
  • Application security tackles external threats using software and hardware methods and ensure the prevention of unauthorized access.

8.Internet of things (IoT)

latest technology trends in 2022

Internet of things (IoT) refers to critical and non-critical cyber-physical systems or a technology for connecting things or devices via internet. IoT enables the connection of home appliances, cars etc over the internet.

The implementation of IoT devices makes digital transformations. IoT has many startup ideas in 2022 for business and have many applications in the field of education, agriculture, logistics etc.

These are the 8 top latest technological trends in 2022 that we have to know, which can makeover the face of future.

How to Learn Digital Marketing in 2022

Learning and training digital marketing in 2022 and for future is crucial today for business owners, employees, entrepreneurs etc.. In this guide, i will tell about how to learn digital marketing in 2022.

Digital marketing is a buzz term in business industry because of the rise of digital users in the world.

Every business has to promote their products and services to sustain in this competitive business field.
So, business owners and marketing persons are looking for different ways to increase sales.

learn digital marketing

In this digital era, one of the best way to market is digitally. Because the digital channels are overruling the world and internet users are increasing day by day.

This is the reason why one should learn digital marketing in order to increase ROI.

To do digital marketing, business owners are looking for people who knows digital marketing.
But the problem in our job market is that, educational institutions are teaching digital marketing in wrong way. And most of them are providing only theoretical classes.

One who provide practical classes are just teaching them technical stuffs in digital marketing.

Learning only technical stuffs don’t help to think, plan and execute right digital marketing strategies. For that, they have to teach logically and analytically. Then only one can learn and execute in marketing a product or service digitally.

I was just trying to spread an awareness regarding why someone should learn digital marketing. Now I will tell you how can we learn digital marketing in right way.

How to Learn Digital Marketing

how to learn digital marketing in 2022

Before you invest in any digital marketing course in any institutes, you should understand who is teaching you, his knowledge, projects he handled and it’s results etc ..If he/she do not have any results to showcase, then how they could teach you digital marketing? This is what’s happening in most of the digital marketing course career.

I am not blaming all institutes, but if we didn’t provide the best and quality training, the person who is coming to learn can’t produce the best result for their clients or business. It will affect the whole digital marketing industry.

So, if someone want to learn digital marketing, start by creating a website/blog.
Find out what’s your interest and passion and write about it in your blog consistently. Learn from Google and YouTube to promote your blog post and apply.

Start social media pages for free and optimise it for social media marketing campaigns. You will learn every aspect of marketing digitally only by executing, failure, learn and executing again.
As you know, every master was once a beginner.

With Google, you can learn digital marketing for free. But proper learning takes time since digital marketing is changing every day.

To implement right strategies, you need someone who is already applying successful campaigns for different projects.
With a right mentor, you will get more exposure to digital marketing and support you when you fall down.

We Digital Edenz providing digital marketing training in Trivandrum to rise up aspiring minds with an awesome skill.

Also if you want to learn digital marketing, you should have an entrepreneurial mindset. If you don’t have it yet, we need to develop it accordingly.

A good digital marketer can become a good entrepreneur too. With a right focus and skillset, he or she can develop their business in the right way. In 2019, digital marketing become more competitive and people with right and focused mindset wins the game.


Digital Marketing is actually the technology of marketing, which is used to promote products or services of a sector using digital channels to the user.

SEO in business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one among the most important digital channels for digital marketing. The main intension of SEO is to bring high website visibility to the users as well as to increase website traffic and conversion rate. In SEO, the website is being optimized for marketing purpose and is brought to the first position by satisfying different ranking factors by Google. A good ranking site is always exposed to users when compared to other websites.

SEO in business

Before knowing its importance, it is necessary to know about SEO. There are two different methods involved in SEO strategy:-

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

1)On page SEO

On page SEO is an online optimization technique which is done within the website for increasing website visibility as well as traffic. Here, the website is being optimized efficiently for the purpose of gaining more relevant traffic.

seo in business

2)Off page SEO

It is an optimization technique which is being done off page. It is the process of building backlinks and website promotion that is, positioning a website in the foremost place in the search engine results page. Off page SEO is done for increasing the page rank of a website as well as to expose it more to the users.Off page is a process of acquiring relevant backlinks from websites which have high authority and page rank.Since backlinks are one of the important ranking factors by Google,link building is still relevant


SEO is an art of increasing website visibility as well as traffic. A user refers only to a website that provides relevant information regarding their searches.Among the available search engines, the widely used search engine is Google, which owns almost 75 percent of the search market. Since organic search is one of the important factor for website traffic, Google seems to be the best search engine that favours the promotion of a brand when compared to other search engines. A good SEO also increases an users experience and also  plays an important role in ranking the websites by increasing its visibility and helping in the promotion of websites, SEO can be considered as the backbone of a business and thus it is difficult to survive a business without a proper digital marketing strategy.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real World

Applications of artificial intelligence in real world are increasing every day. It is because we are living in a technology world and this artificial intelligence is a powerful technology as of now and for the future.

Before we start about the applications, I will tell you about what is Artificial Intelligence.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in real world

Artificial Intelligence is the process of technology in which computers made act like humans. In this process, all the computer machines process with the intelligence of humans.

Tech giants have says that, AI is the future. Actually it is the branch of computer science and its main aim is to develop machines with higher intelligence.

AI can be classified into two

  • Weak AI
  • Strong AI

Weak AI is developed to perform a particular task. It is also called as narrow AI.

Eg : Apple Siri

Strong AI is developed to perform unfamiliar tasks without human intervention and finds the best solution. It is also called as artificial general intelligence.

So there is difference between Strong AI and Weak AI

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Applications of artificial intelligence are enhancing in our day today life. Here I am listing some of the important applications of AI.

  • Data Security
data security

In this digital world, cyber attacks are increasing and cyber security professionals are giving more importance to cyber threats.

By using AI bots and other methods, it is possible to prevent security issues arise.

  • Healthcare
artificial intelligence in real world

In healthcare industry, AI can play a vital role to generate large amount of data to train than a human analyst.

Also it can be used for determining diseases, treatments, body conditions etc.

  • Manufacturing
ai in manufacturing

AI can be used to find the microscopic defects occurred in objects.

Robots can be enabled by AI to receive instructions from humans and work accordingly with high productivity.

  • Entertainment
ai in entertainment

As we see Netflix, Amazon, Siri, Gmail they all are using AI to improve user experience and sales.

Amazon can suggest different products according with user behavior.

Netflix knows your likes and dislikes. It has all the records about your likes and so that It can easily suggest more movies, documentaries etc ..

  • Finance
ai in finance

Many finance companies are implementing AI technology to enhance their business growth.

Some companies are using AI algorithm to conduct trading autonomously.

Chat bots are also using in sectors for interacting with customer queries and providing proper information.

So AI is used in many fields to enhance productivity, customer experience, sales, flexibility, reduce time etc.

There are many AI applications in business and in 2022 it is expecting that more and more businesses will implement AI algorithms.

More and more startups are coming with the idea of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning etc.

So it is cleared that, Technology will rule the future and the way we live will change.

Thus by implementing AI, many of our day to day life problems can be solved. So startups should adopt AI to solve people problems. It also helps to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem in our state.

How to choose the best digital marketing company in Trivandrum?

I am not going to tell you the best digital marketing company in Trivandrum. But you will understand how to choose the best digital marketing company if you read completely.

Digital marketing is the new trend to explore your potential clients into your business. In this digital age, if your business is not moving forward with digital channels, then you are missing a ton of opportunities to reach out to your customer. This is the reason why many of the businesses are seeking digital marketing to sell their products and services.

In order to get the best result from digital marketing, it is necessary to choose the best digital marketing company to promote your business.

Here is the place where most of the people fail and wasting money by investing in the wrong place.

Digital marketing can bring much magic to your business, but if you hand over the project to a wrong digital marketing agency then you will not get your desired result.

Nowadays the number of digital marketing company in Trivandrum is increasing and they make many fake promises to business people for getting the project.

Also if you are a startup, then you should be very careful to spend money to grow your business. Wrong choices make many troubles to your startup business.

Important criteria to identify the best digital marketing company

how to choose the best digital marketing company
  • Experience in the domain
  • Work results
  • Portfolio
  • Team strength
  • Transparency

There are many digital marketing professionals who started a digital marketing company in Trivandrum and digital marketing company in Kochi.

Also, there are other people who don’t know anything about digital marketing and building digital marketing firms with 2 or 3 experienced digital marketers. These firm owners would make many fake promises to clients for getting the project.

So my first suggestion for you is never to talk with an agency owner or business development managers about your needs unless he/she is an expert in digital marketing. Otherwise, there is a chance for them to tell lies and fake promises.

And if you choose a digital marketing company in Trivandrum, then ask them to talk with their digital marketing manager or head to communicate your needs and business. Unless the person who is handling your digital marketing project is aware of your business, they can’t execute the best result for you.

Another suggestion is you should ask to firm to show similar businesses which they handled and ask them to show the result they delivered.

You should have a basic idea of what is digital marketing to understand your needs. You should be aware which channel or medium is useful and beneficial for you.

If your targeted audience is more on facebook instead of Instagram, then your business needs more visibility on Facebook than Instagram.

If your business service has more searches on Google, then you should spend more time to increase your website visibility on Google search by doing Search Engine Optimization.

Read this blog post to know the important methods of digital marketing for the growth of your business.

Last but not least, i want you to learn some basic aspects of digital marketing to grow your business. Thus it will help you to analyze the right way of implementing digital marketing for your business by your choosen digital marketing agency. But one thing i can conclude that , if the digital marketing agency is doing the right way of digital marketing for your business then it can produce magical outputs.

I hope now you have got an idea to how to choose the best digital marketing company in Trivandrum to grow your business. If you have any queries feel free to comment below.

Why Startups are important for the economic growth of a nation?

There is no doubt that startups are important for economic growth of a nation.  If you have a plan to execute your idea in to startup or if you are running a startup, then you should read this to know how you and your startup can contribute to economic growth of our nation.

The role of startups in economic prosperity is enhancing in today’s world.

One of the main advantages of startups is that it creates new jobs.  Global data shows that startups are creating more jobs in our nation than the large companies or enterprises.

As of now, many of the startups have introduced latest technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics etc.

Most of the technology giant companies outsource their tasks to startups now days. It will also help to increase the cash flow of startups.

economic growth

But every startups needs to deliver quality to their consumers in order to sustain their business. Then only these startups will grow and succeed.

So the role of startups is important to our society to develop our nations.  That means it is necessary to develop an entrepreneurship culture in our country for more startups.

Since the number of startups is increasing, competition between them are also increasing. But I would say that, a healthy competition is important for startups and consumers to curate the startup environment.

Main Roles of Startups to increase economic growth

  • Startups will creates more jobs

Yes. If you are going to become an entrepreneur then you can create more jobs. Thus the rate of unemployment in our nation also decreases. So employment creation is one of the main advantage from startups.

  • Creation of wealth

Since entrepreneurs are attracting investors by investing their own resources, the people of the nation would get benefit when startups grow. Since the money is sharing with the society, wealth is creating within the nation.

  • Better standard of living

Startups can implement innovations and technologies to improve the living of people. There are many startups who is working for rural areas to develop the community.

  • Increase in GDP

GDP(Gross Domestic Products) plays a vital role in enhancing the economic growth of a country.  World Bank says that India will become the fastest growing country as economic growth in the world. By supporting and encouraging more startups, it is possible to generate more revenue domestically and consumer’s capital will also flow around the Indian economy.

Startup India Schemes

startup schemes

India is supporting and encouraging startups to stand up for developing our nation. There are many innovative products and services are implementing by young entrepreneurs of our nation. That is why Indian government has announced schemes for promoting startups. Startup India Schemes are helping many budding entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true and also helping to create more jobs from startups. So if you have a startup dream you should aware about the latest schemes and it will help us to boost the entrepreneurial journey.


Startups can change the world and in coming years more and more startups will grow with innovation and creativity. Entrepreneurship is the only way to enhance the economic growth of a nation. And a small idea can be termed into big innovative solution which can change your future. So if you have an idea, don’t block your dreams because of fear of failure and taking risk. Develop your idea into startup and contribute to the growth of our nation. Now we can conclude that startups are important for economic growth of a nation.

Internet of Things Startup Ideas in 2022

Internet of Things (IOT) is a new technology emerged in this tech world. IOT has wide range of applications and it is boosting the digital-tech world apparently. It is possible to build many innovative startup ideas by implementing IOT in their business. The year 2022 is the year of new innovations and new ideas and it is predicted that IOT can play a vital role with the innovations. So now we can learn what IOT is and what are the different Internet of Things startup ideas in 2022.

What is Internet of Things (IOT) ?

what is internet of things

Internet of things (IOT) is a technology which is used to connect the things or devices via internet for collecting and sharing data.

By implementing IOT devices, more and more digital transformations will takes places which are good for people who have digitized devices. So it is possible to connect things and people in a giant network which is good for data sharing and controlling.

Working of IOT is based on an IOT platform which is connected from the sensors of devices and objects. This IOT platform is used to collects data from all the devices which connect and shares with others for a specific purpose.

The main advantage of IOT is that It can self manipulate which of the information are valid and which of them can be ignored before sharing.

Internet of Things Startup ideas in 2022

internet of things startup ideas 2022

Business opportunities with innovation using IOT have a huge demand and to solve many problems facing by the world.

So whenever you choose to implement IOT with your idea, you have to think how this technology can bring a valid solution to a problem. So here are some of the ideas you can implement using IOT.

  • Health sectorIOT in health sector

Quality of life is important to live. So by integrating IOT into health industry, we can expect a quality living of life with less health issues. Also it is possible to improve diagnosis, treatments, maintenance of equipment etc..

For example, if you can connect IOT with ECG device (used to read status of our heart), then it is possible to collect the information of a patient and share to other healthcare centers.

  • Agriculture
IOT in agriculture

We can improve agriculture by implementing IOT technology. Since by using this technology, farmers can receive and share data to improve their agribusinesses.

For example, there are aquatic animals farming and aquatic plants farming in agri-industry.

Both these animals and plants are depends to each other like animals needs oxygen from plants and plants need minerals from animal’s waste.

So if you can apply IOT, farmers can easily check the quality of water, health status of animals and plants etc..

  • Education
IOT in education

Our teaching and learning process become more efficient if we apply IOT to education sector.

Now a days, many universities and colleges introduced high-tech facilities to their students.

Likewise, teachers can easily track each student’s abilities and difficulties in each subject if we implement an IOT application for this.

  • Retail
  • IOT in retail

By using an IOT application, retailers can easily monitor their customer’s behavior, their needs, shopping habits, preferences etc..

Thus they can maintain a better user experience which boosts up their sales.

  • Logistics
IOT in logistics

By applying IOT apps to logistic sectors then it is possible to track inventory, locations and other monitoring factors. From the consumer side, IOT delivers many benefits to consumers like Transparency, Efficiency and ease , Rewards etc .

So I think now you have got a quick idea about what is Internet of Things and understand important Internet of things startup ideas in 2019.

An entrepreneurship life with applying technology is essential today to change this world for better.

Can I know which of the above sector you think IOT can play a vital role ?

4 Important methods of digital marketing to improve your business

Everybody do business for several reasons. Some people do it for making money while some people doing it for freedom. Whatever the reason it is, your business needs more conversions for the growth of your life and business. Conversions only take place only when your business gets more leads and these leads are connected with some factors like your brand, popularity, quality of service, trust, cost etc… Here is the role of digital marketing comes in to grow your business.

As you know, digital marketing is a way of promoting products and services through digital channels like website, search engines, social media, emails, WhatsApp, video, etc . . Now, remember that today there are 4 billion internet users and 3 billion social media users in the world and it concludes that most of our consumers are surfing on these platforms. So in todays digital world, the best way to promote your services and products is by using digital marketing. So the importance of digital marketing for business is rapidly growing day by day. Digital marketing can improve your business branding, reach, sales etc. and also it is a cost-effective method when compared to traditional marketing methods. So applying the best digital marketing strategy is the best way to promote your business.

important methods of digital marketing to grow your business

Important Methods of Digital Marketing to Improve your Business

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Seo is a way to increase your website visibility in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc…
You will get more leads from your website, only when more visitors come on your website.
You will get enough traffic on your website only if you optimized the website for ranking up in the 1st page on SERP. People tend to visit the websites which comes in the 1st page on SERP and SEO is the way to rank your website in the search engines.

• Social Media Optimization (SMO)
The number of social media users are increasing day by day. Now every one of us is using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc .. Here is the importance of marketing your product in social media arises. But some business people are not utilizing the help of social media for their business growth. The power of social media marketing is tremendously increasing every day and thus it is important to leverage social media marketing to your business.

 Search Engine Marketing
You can use Google ads to showcase your website in google search and google’s partnered sites. It is a paid process to get more traffic and conversions. Since SEO is little time consuming to optimize in the google search, many businesses use Google AdWords to promote their website.

• Emails
Sending emails is also a good tactic to close sales. It works mainly for B2B business since most of the business owners check their mails minimum twice a day. So the conversion rate depends up on your Subject , content , service etc ..
So Email marketing is still effective.

These are only few methods of digital marketing for grow your business. There are many ways to promote your business and close sales by applying digital marketing strategies to your business.

Is a website mandatory for your business?

website for business

A website is necessary for your business if you want to show some authenticity and clear details about your business. In this digital world, your customer’s purchase behavior is depends up on your digital presence on the internet. If you don’t have a website with good reviews, then you are probably going to trouble. So you need an user friendly website to showcase who you are and what’s your business about. If you approach to any web designers then they can help you to make a new website or you can make a website by using any cms platforms like WordPressWixWeebly etc.. In wordpress you don’t need to know any coding skills. So you should maintain a good website for the growth of your business.


You need to find out which of the platforms your customers are using and you need to invest more effort in that platforms. It is clear that digital marketing is the best way for you to connect with your customers online. Also by using digital marketing it is possible to track your consumer interactions online and thus you can adjust your tactics according to it. The best advantage is that it has higher conversion rate with minimum cost when compared to other marketing methods. Marketing is the main factor to grow up your business, then why can’t you apply digital marketing to pitch your business in this digital world ?

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is really a virtual ship of dreams, passion, positivity, focus, vision, innovation, mindset, hustling, consistency, etc.. If you have a vision to do innovation for a better world rather than giving more priorities to making money is called entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur’s mindset is different from a normal man and has courage to taking risks. With the right focus and mindset, he/she can do much innovative stuff to change this world.

what is entrepreneurship

Most of the people have a belief that, a businessman and an entrepreneur are same. A businessman is someone who is working just for profits and to increase sales of the business. An entrepreneur is a person who has an innovative idea and dare to execute as a service or product. He/she is mainly focusing for a change in the society from their product/service than making money from it.

Entrepreneurship can be classified in to two:

  1. Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
  2. Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE)

Small medium enterprises are running to make profits and most of them are focusing their market locally. These types of enterprises are called small medium enterprise.

Innovation driven enterprises are running to make an impact with innovation. They are less focusing on money making and they believe that if they deliver a proper innovative solution to a problem, money will eventually comes. This type of enterprises is called innovation driven enterprise.

Do you know what are the characteristics of entrepreneurship ?

An entrepreneur should have some sort of characteristics in order to become successful in any niche. Because entrepreneurship is not an ordinary thing and an average mindset person can’t win in this battle if he/she don’t show some of these characteristics.

* Passion

You have to follow your passion if you really want to succeed. Because when you do what you love, you don’t feel it like stress. If you love your passion and doing it then you can expect a massive outcome. Also you should think about how to solve a problem in the society or something with your passion. You just have to get addicted with your passion and invest your time in it.

* Willingness to take risk

Taking risk is an important factor for being as an entrepreneur. He/she should be motivated them self and should have courage to take risks. Without taking risk, it is difficult to achieve your goals. So you have to believe in yourself first, then only people around you also believe in you and to your dreams.

* Hard work

Without working hard, it is difficult to achieve success. Every successful entrepreneur are hard workers and if you working for your dreams smartly then you can build your empire soon.

* Focus and vision

You must know about your vision and you must have a focus. Then only you can understand what you want to execute for reaching your goals. You should have a clear vision in order to succeed. Focus on your goals and neglect all the negativity surrounded by you.

* Keep learning

Knowledge is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world. In today’s world everything is updating day by day and it is important to learn new things and be updated with the trends. Wise people invest their time and money to learn things and others invest in non-profitable stuffs. So if you really wish to become a successful entrepreneur, then never stop learning.

* Hope and positive attitude

A positive mindset is essential for an entrepreneur. Because being an entrepreneur, you have to face many negative situations. But if you have a positive mindset in a negative situation, then you will win. Also always hope for good and for the best. Hope is an important factor since it creates positive vibes in every situation.

These are only some main characteristics which is needed for an entrepreneur to become successful. Actually, entrepreneurship is already generated within every person’s DNA. But only few are willing to hunt their goals without any fear.

In our nation, it is important to develop entrepreneurship for increasing our India’s economy. Because India will develop only if we enhance the development of entrepreneurship. But before you think about how to start a business or how to grow your business, you have to figure it out how it will impact in our nation’s growth.

So do you have an innovative idea which can change the world ? Let me know, comment below.

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